20 Eyes

This recent study passed over the Perverse Osmosis desk. It is from Keoland University and concerns a rare beholder mutation.

Bi-decaocular mutation in the southern subspecies of Commonus Beholderous.

A team of researchers recently observed and crystal imaged a rare 20-eyed beholder. Found in a dungeon near Niole Dra, the beholder still had one central eye but double the amount of smaller stalks. Lead scientist Gilmore Nexel speculated that the nearness to the magic of Silverwood Forest may be the cause for this strange double stalking. The surviving research members vouch for the efficacy of the duplicated eye stalks; they saw fellow researchers slowed and disintegrated. The beholder was subdued, tagged, and released. A follow-up study is slated for next Flocktime.

When you're seeing twenty faces at a time

When you're seeing twenty faces at a time

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