No Fun in Furyondy

Furyondy is a little too organized for me. I like the fact that I won’t get murdered in my sleep there—unlike certain places that I wrote of—but there are a lot of forms that go along with that. I get it; there is a battle between good and evil, and Iuz is quite evil and drawing power from the lower planes, so I kind of want him to lose, if for no other reason than that seems unfair. And this is coming from a person who routinely takes money to kill other sentient creatures.

List of forms I have filled out in the last fortnight:

  • Registering myself into Chendl
  • Presenting a form that I received from the clerk upon registering in Chendl to the innkeeper
  • Presenting that same form to the barkeep
  • A form to describe my sword when I took it to be sharpened
  • A form where I described where my armor was damaged and why
  • Registering when I left Chendl

Again, a little too organized.

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