Alack, Cleric, what is your title?

One of the great disappearances in the AD&D world has been the vanishing of the level titles; where else can a person learn the word “myrmidon” [6th level fighter], “prestidigitator” [1st level MU] or “Waghalter” [3rd level assassin]? But Perverse Osmosis recently cast “Commune” and retrieved the titles for Cleric:

1st Level: Acoltye

2nd Level: Adept

3rd Level: Priest

4th Level: Curate

5th Level: [none given: Boccob was not forthcoming]

6th Level: Canon

7th Level: Lama

8th Level: Patriarch

9th Level: High Priest

Thanks to all the players who play clerics. It was never really for me, given my love of bloodshed and attack first/think last style of dungeoneering. But “Know Your Enemy” in many way sums up why parties need clerics. That and “Continual Light.”


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