All Hail the Death Brigade

The dart: first-level MUs weapon of choice. Mix that with a handy dagger and Jilroy the Apprentice is ready to join the fun. A few non-interesting tidbits on the dart and dagger combination:

The dart does 1-2 hp of damage to a large size creature; no other weapon does less maximum damage.

The rate of fire for a dart is three per melee’ round. In theory, Jilroy could connect with three darts and do a whopping six points of damage. That’s as much as a mace, so take that cleric.

The dagger does 1-3 hp of damage to a large size creature, tying it with club and bo stick for next to worst.

Best case scenario: Jilroy has some darts, a dagger, and magic missile. If all attacks do maximum damage, Jilroy could do 14 points of damage in three rounds. This damage will certainly earn her bonus XPs and share of the bugbears’ treasure. Of course, Jilroy will probably also be dead, since she might have one hit point and an armor class of nine.

Perverse Osmosis is working on a song about bugbears, entitled [creatively enough] “Bugbear Chieftain.” Kudos to occasional Perverse Osmosis song writer Kevin Richards, who contributed the second verse of “

      Breathing Dead
” and the chorus to this number:

Bugbear Chieftain

Necklace made of human skulls

Bugbear Chieftain

Drink your blood out of a bowl

Bugbear Chieftain

When he’s around, you be warned

Bugbear Chieftain

Kobold swarm, kobold swarm

You can’t stop the Death Brigade

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