Angus Scrimm

I know that this is a day late and several gold pieces short, but Perverse Osmosis must acknowledge the Prime Material Plane passing of Angus Scrimm, best known for his role as the Tall Man in the Phantasm series.

Like many of us who grew up rurally in the 1980s, the local video store was the primary [or in some cases, only] source of video entertainment. My town had a drive-in that operated intermittently in the summer and two places that rented movies. Even more to my liking, one of those places was extremely liberal with whom they rented to. That is to say, an unprepossessing 14-year old like myself could go in and get The Gates of Hell or Deathstalker with no questions asked.

I watched Phantasm II not long after it came out in 1988. Like most of us, what I remember most were the sentinels [the official name of the spheres], the ill-fitting suit of the Tall Man, and the revision of the FBI warning at the end of the tape. It told me that in addition to a 10,000 fine and jail I would get for pirating the movie, I would “face the wrath of the Tall Man.” It was the first time I had seen anyone tamper with what I thought was grade-A government talk. Needless to say, I immediately both fell in love with movie and dubbed it. 


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