Another great battle

If an adventuresome party decides it is time for a little hacking and slashing, they can do much worse than the Craggy Dells encounter that occurs immediately before the Caverns. Not only are there some enslaved hippogriffs but there are also a 350 g.p.-earring-wearing-poisoned bolts-shooting-half-orc assassin, a 7th-level fighter, a witch doctor, 22 brigands, 16 orcs, and a partridge in an ironwood tree.

I give the orcs, half-orcs, bandits, and witch doctors this: they have free market capitalism figured out. They found a way to capture the local hippogriff population, train/enslave them, and then sell them off to “certain powerful individuals.” It takes a special kind of low end to run a subdued hippogriff ring. And people complain that half-orcs have no work ethic.

If the party has some lawful or good types, they can get some of the hippogriff fledglings to come along, given they feed and (in a terrible module typo) “provides” the griffs. But not me; I never think that far ahead. Catch and release is my motto. Well, that and stolen gold spends like earned gold.

About the cost of one hippogriff

About the cost of one hippogriff

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