Astro Zombies

I knew about the 1968 movie Astro Zombies from the Misfits song of the same name, but I had never gotten around to watching it until a couple days ago. From what the internets had to say, I was thinking Zombies was going to be somewhere between Plan 9 and Blood Feast in its level of coherency and competency. Turns out the internets was wrong again.

Yes, there are four plots going on that occasionally intersect, but they weren’t that hard to follow. Sure, day turns to night quite frequently, and Satana’s [of Faster Pussycat fame] dress switches color almost as frequently but still this movie wasn’t that bad. At one point, one of the Astro Zombies [or quasi humans as they are also called] uses a flashlight to power his solar batteries. And there is quite a bit of bad scientist technobabble from John Carradine.

The Astro Zombies don’t rape the land, and their prime directive was not to exterminate the whole human race, and certain film snob types might think this movie is terrible, but who cares what they think?

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