Atillia you this

In Perverse Osmosis’s never-ending effort to support the resurrection or, at least, recognition of Attila, we bring you some sample lyrics.

Take a look a look at this gem from “Wonder Woman”:

Wonder woman stole my heart away
Wonder woman made it right today
You came in the dead of night
You brought me a fire light
My brain has lost control
My heart is freezing cold

Now I have no idea why Wonder Woman would bring a fire light or what a fire light is, but 1970 Billy Joel  did.  Our finest magic-users are also unsure why this fire light would give him brain freeze.

Here is another bit of tomfoolery from “California Flash”:

About two years ago// I was working in a rodeo
I saw the strangest-looking man// playing in a rock and roll band
He had a twenty-foot mustache
Wore a purple lavender sash

Now I am no color wheelist, but I don’t see much different between lavender and purple. Maybe some shades of Deep Purple, but outside of that, I can’t imagine why any person would have their sash be purple and lavender. But maybe I am missing the point; maybe the sash is one of those metaphors that the Piano Man is known for.

Just wait Joel: sometime that nice little empire you made by stepping on the backs of musicians like Jon Small is going to come crashing down. Oh I know, it seems great, hooking up with some drummers’ wives and throwing rocks at houses and getting record contracts and marrying Christie Brinkley and ruining U.S. History courses for the next thirty years with that stupid song, but it will come crashing down. Crashing down like the “unstoppable tide of conquest” that is Attila.

This Attila would never deny his heritage

This Attila would never deny his heritage

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