Axe of Death

I loved the “artifacts and relics” section of the 1st edition DMs Guide. Of course I did. It had the Eye and Hand of Vecna, the Crown of Might, and my favorite, at least at the time when I first read the tome, the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords.

The blade is a sword of sharpness and the head is a +3 hammer. Also, it expands and contracts so if Migath the Merciless wants to throw it as a hand axe, she can. Assuming Migath is not already a dwarf, she gains all the dwarf abilities about traps and detecting slopes and all the rest. She also gets to live much longer. Biggest drawback appears to be that, over time, she will begin to resemble a dwarf more and more.

You what I say: who cares? If you live until 120 and are still wandering around Greyhawk, no one is going to care what you look like. More likely they will be impressed that you are still alive.

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