Axes of Evil

In my prime material plane form, I have been adventuring for almost fourty solar cycles, giving me plenty enough time to learn how to spend the sweet, sweet starting money that somehow gets cobbled together before heading out as a first-level adventurer.

Sometimes, Roleigh the Good rolls well and lands herself 180 g.p. to leave the Kron Hills with. In that case, buy a long sword with a rad scabbard and a bow. Treat Roleigh to good armor and a shield and pocket the rest of the dosh for a later day. But, sometimes the dice don’t play nice, and Roleigh might leave Kron with only 75 clinking coins. In this case, I can offer a piece of advice: buy a battle axe. It only costs 5 g.p. and does 1-8 h.p. on a hit. If Roleigh happens to have a 16 in strength, this lovely axe is dealing 3-11 hit points, so when she starts the melee’ mash with a group of xvarts, they are going to take the worst of it.

Also, the axe is cheap enough that when Roleigh and her party get their first treasure chest of loot to split, the axe can be sold at a discount, left behind, or given to a local tavern as a sign of goodwill.

To quote Ash from Army of Darkness: “Get an axe.”

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