Blood Diner

One of my favorite Municipal Waste songs is “Blood Hunger” from Waste ’em All. The song is short, fast, and the subject matter is straight out of H.G. Lewis’s Blood Feast. Without Blood Feast, there probably would not be a Perverse Osmosis, and there certainly would not be the 1987 re-telling of Feast titled Blood Diner.

I stumbled on the hidden gem of violence, profanity, and hilarity last night, and quite frankly, am ashamed that I had not seen this movie earlier in my life. The 1988 version of me would have watched this movie twenty or thirty times. Every character is stupid, evil, or incompetent. The film makers have no concern for classical film and its wacky theories of causality or development. One police officer randomly punches another one in multiple scenes; there is an excessively long wrestling match starring a grappler named Little Jimmy Hitler; a man wearing a Reagan mask machine-guns a group of women doing nude aerobics. Two “bands” make an appearance:  1) The Four Tops dressed as DeBarge; 2) Some group that features two Nazi saxophonists, a front man who gets his fake penis made of meat chopped into parts and thrown to the crowd, and two sexy ladies in a horse costume.

Also, what else is there to watch? Watching a woman get her head deep fried or listening to lines such as “Once you two are done fagging around in there” is far better than four episodes of Two and a Half Men or the laugh block of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Take that Little Jimmy Hitler

Take that Little Jimmy Hitler

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