Bone Throne

One of the many esoteric questions not yet answered by sages, seers, wizards, or warlocks is when a zombie turns into a skeleton or when a mummy can transform into a zombie. What I mean by this conundrum is let’s say a zombie has been zombified for a long time. I am talking several months here and, although the rules are not necessarily codified on this point, I have read enough adventure novels and played enough modules to know that zombie flesh can continue to rot, especially in the right temperatures. This means, in theory, that the zombie might lose enough flesh to become a skeleton, especially if there is a period in-between re-animations.

Let’s pretend that I am Rely’Lth the Evil and have my usual retinue of undead to protect me as I sleep or commune with Beltar. Every now and then, I need to re-up the re-animation spell that keeps my monstrous posse’ upright. But I also am a busy cleric: Beltar wants caves looted and malice spread and that is on her time frame, not mine. So I get a little behind on my rotation, and, next thing I know, a couple of my zombies have gone to seed, or bone as the case may be, and I am left with re-animated skeleton instead of a re-animated corpse. Half of one, six of the other, say both Beltar and I.

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