Boneus Eruptus

I don’t think I have ever played a cleric. They seem a bit boring, given my interest in hacking and slashing and thieving and murdering, but that likely is just me. In our present 5e campaign, a long-time adventuring companion is working a half-orc cleric that has been extremely useful and quite intriguing. This leads me back to my original point that I may be the reason that I never played a cleric.

One thing that I do like about evil clerics is that instead of, or in addition to, turning skeletons or zombies or whatever, Zorgan the Deceiver also could command these creatures of the eve. Imagine stumbling into a crypt, having seven skeletons re-animate, and then turning those supposed enemies into fodder for the next crypt full of wights that are going to show up. If Zorgan is high enough level, he might be able to command those wights to join in before exploring the next crypt that might be inhabited by mummies.

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