BT1: Into the Liar of Ghoul

I recently adventured to the Free City of Baltimore to attend the hooding of Dr. Larson, do some Nerdfest promotion, and get my mind blown by a pre-DeathFest show headlined by the mighty Ghoul.  The psionic power that Ghoul struck me with was somewhere between Psionic Blast and Psychic Crush (which the Player’s Handbook describes as a “massive assault upon all neurons of the brain”).

I have been missing out on Ghoul. I never listened to them, never actively tried to listen to them, never looked for them on the Internet, nothing. Even though they were frequently mentioned in MMR and various other types of media, I consistently failed both my wisdom and intelligence rolls for this band. I like costumes; they wear costumes. I like thrash metal; they play thrash metal. I like places that end in “vania” and begin with “creep”; they are from Creepsylvania. I like songs that have chanty bits and are over in about 80 seconds; they have songs with chanty bits and are over in 180 seconds.

Feast the optics on what I can remember of the set list: “Maniaxe”, “Graveyard Mosh/Ghoul”, “Numbskull”, “Bury the Hatchet”, “Mutant Mutilator”, “Splatterthrash” and the hit of the evening “Rise, Killbot, Rise.” I should have been listening to this band instead all that time I wasted listening to Uriah Heep.

The low ability roll has to go somewhere: with me, it went to wisdom.

But I am smart enough to recognize the massive assault upon all the neurons is accurate.

Why wasn't I listening?

Why wasn't I listening?

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