Business in Bissel

I am as entrepreneurial as the next person who kills monsters and men for money, if not more so, and I have dealt with my fair share of corruption in my home city of Greyhawk. I am used to sliding clerks, officiants, guards, and shopkeepers a g.p. or two to look the way or keep their traps shut. Gold is like water: it only works when it circulates, and I like keeping it circulating.

Bissel is a whole other game, however. First off, it is smaller, so everyone already knows someone who can “help,” which would be great, except that because there are fewer choices, the corruption has an upcharge. A fake import stamp that would only run me five silver in Greyhawk is almost three times that amount here. Also, there are a lot of officials from a lot of different kingdoms, duchies, and fiefdoms filling up the hotels and inns. Granted, I probably have more gems and emeralds than any of these clowns do, but I earned mine, and I am not going to spend 10 g.p. a night to share a room with a snorer and sleep talker. It also is surprisingly challenging to get even the most obviously corrupt to say yes in Bissel. I’ve had shorter negotiations with a mongrelman, and everyone knows what those lawful neutral denizens are like.

All that said, there is a rock around the proverbial clock feel to the place, and for a guy like me, that always counts for something.

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