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Head-Smashing Mania

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Continuing with our streak of recently unearthed middle-period Hyborian finds, Perverse Osmosis proudly presents these two woodcuts. The first one, found by archeologists in modern-day northern France, is a stylized version of Conan wielding an impromptu hammer. Scholars are debating if the painting should be read allegorically, in that it depicts the Kingdom of Aquilonia smashing one of its many enemies.

Another image from the same trove is one of King Kull biting the arm of an undead enemy. Much like the hammer blow mentioned above, there is debate over if the image is a realistic representation or allegory. Likely held by a minor Poitain noble, the image is in surprisingly good condition.

Two New Places

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Exciting news for Hyborian Age scholars: two new Hyrkanian city-states/provinces have been discovered. The city-state of Dimmorz went to war with Balkhana during the early-middle period of Conan’s life. Recently retrieved artifacts picture Conan leading a mercenary army in the pay of Balkhana’s nobles. From what can be reconstructed, Conan’s army was trapped in a walled city, but thanks to some social justice activism, the Balkhanas defeated the army from Dimmorz.

Two images survive:

An etching displaying Conan’s activism work.

A close-up of one of Conan’s biggest supporters.

Armed and Dog-erness

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

One of the few radius and ulna depictions from middle-period Hyborian paintings. Additionally, it is one of the only hand-flying paintings that incorporates the radius and ulna in it.

This beautiful work was found in the collection of Baron von Grilfre, a long-time Hyborian art aficionado. Cataloged as HB124 by Lloyds of London, it is better known to alternate historians as Gnarls in Charge.

The Better Part

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Here is a seldom-seen scene of Conan making tracks:

“The Gods of Bal-Sagoth”

Despite my long-time AD&D playing, I never played this game:

But please, don’t start the description of of who you can play with an elf.

Conan the Corpse Robber

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Another great story today from Savage Sword 12, “The Curse of the Crimson Castle.” Conan kills three people in the first seven pages and performs a little corpse robbing while he is at it:

Yes, he is prying another dead man’s rings from the grip of a man he just killed.

It is nice to know that not even sexy Brythunian ladies can keep Conan’s superstition at bay: