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B6 is back

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Thanks to B1-9: In Search of Adventure, we have been able to recreate most of what happened in B6: The Veiled Society, which I thought was lost thanks to a scanning problem. But it turns out that the majority of the module is replicated in Adventure, so hurrah for us. (more…)

B7 or B Square

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

B6 was an unreadable download [something happened to the scan] so it must not have been any good. On to B7: Rahasia, which has the party looking for the father and brother of the beautiful elven maiden Rahasia [is there any other kind?]. Along the way, they run into an evil cleric, a bone golem, three witch sisters, and a bunch of micro-wines.  (more…)

B5 is Alive; or Return of the Revenge of The Hobgoblin King

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

B5 was another module I never played during my original run of adventuring. It was marketed as a basic adventure, and since I only played AD&D, I couldn’t be bothered with Horror on the Hill, although upon re-reading it, I should have been. Turns out it is a fairly robust dungeon crawl that ends up with 3rd-level characters potentially fighting a red dragon. Good luck with that.  (more…)

B1: In Search of a Decent Module

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

B1: In Search of the Unknown is not that good. I am extremely glad that Keep on the Borderlands was the intro module in the red box set, not this one. But instead of talking about what isn’t good in it, I will show what is: the art.


Here we have a the classic lizardman strangler pose: two hands around the neck of the defenseless magic-user. I would guess she wished she wouldn’t have already used burning hands on those kobolds.

Here we have our daring thief living out a Mummies song [“Sooprize Package for Mr. Mineo“] on a mummy. Stab that MFer in the back, indeed.

I know the best way to check out any alembic is to give it a good, long tug.

B1 begone.



A1: There is Room at the Inn

Friday, November 13th, 2015

A1: The Shady Dragon Inn is more a resource than an actual adventure. It has lists of D&D fighters, thieves, elves, etc. and a brief background on each. However, the all-seeing eye of Perverse Osmosis can find gold amidst any dross. For example:

  • Clerics “who retire might become . . . upholsterers or drapers.” Thieves are likely to become fishmongers, and elves shoemakers.
  • Greendale, of Greendale Community College fame–go Human Beings–also exists in this material plane. Cathal of Greendale is listed as one of the elves at the Inn: “Cathal left Greendale after a magic- user with whom he had quarreled died mysteriously.” I think we can say the same thing for Chevy Chase.
  • Every halfling listed has an alliterative name.
  • One of the half-orcs is named Zarak, which is a great name for a science-fiction metal band.