College of Purmill

The College of Purmill is a historically giant-serving private institution that was founded in 499 CY. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 589, its setting is artic, and the campus size is 311 acres. It utilizes a semester academic calendar. The College of Purmill’s ranking in the 606 CY edition of Best Colleges is 25th. The College of Purmill’s tuition and fees are 600 g.p. a year; the College also accepts furs and gems in lieu of tuition.

The College of Purmill, located on the outskirts of the town of Purmill in Stonehold, is the northern-most institute of higher education in Greyhawk. The College of Purmill is best-known for its end of the semester festivals, which correspond to the sun’s seasonal rising and setting. The College of Purmill Winter Wolves are members of the Giant League and are renowned for winter sports, having won multiple championships in skiing, ice axing, and competitive tobogganing. The College offers 8 programs, including programs in animal husbandry and climatology. The College of Purmill’s official motto,”The First to See the Sun, displays the pride the College has in its geographic setting.

At a Glance:

Number of Majors: 15

Student/faculty ratio:1/16

Standardized test required for entry: SAT, ACT

Average incoming first-year student GPA: 2.45

Male/Female ratio: 54/46

Student body self-identifies as 78% frost giant, 8% frost man, 6% flind, 5% gnoll, 3% other

Faculty holding terminal degrees: 65%

President: Dr. Krond Stonefist

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