Couatl alert

“Congratulations Adventurers: You have made it through to the second tier of the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. Wight, ogre magi, flood: none of these have stopped this party of boon companions. But to prevent any of you from actually surviving to the end of the module, I now present a couatl, hiding in the ethereal plane and planning for your death.”

To repeat: this module uses a couatl. I thought these things only existed in the Monster Manual, a lot like invisible stalkers and sahuagin.

Room 46: This is the first official appearance of the gibbering mouther, with all its eyes and mouths and babbling confusion. On one level of the shrine, the party faces the never-used couatl and the never-seen-before gibbering mouther.

Mummified centaur,  water weird, rooms that are trapped with whirlwinds, rooms that are trapped with alter-ego monsters named nahuals who turn people to stone, and a collapsing roof that traps party members round off the adventure. And when they are done, the party is still trapped in the Amedio Jungle with many, many hexagons to go before they reach civilization, and that civilization is crummy Hold of the Sea Princes, which is a budget, budget kingdom. Not even a kingdom really, but a bunch of ramshackle hovels surrounding some slightly bigger hovels. Ever been to Hokar? That place stinks. Don’t even get me started on how much I hate Port Toli. More like Port Toilet.

But at least the party will have that neat bird whistle that can help one of them fly thrice a day.

You see jungle for miles all around you

You see jungle for miles all around you

One response to “Couatl alert”

  1. pdwarf says:

    kind of reminds me of parent-teacher conferences. i have met my fair share of gibbering mouthers and the confusion they cloud themselves in. perhaps i shall bring my bird whistle with me next time….