Death’s Rider Rides

CM2: Death’s Ride is another of the high-level adventures in the Companion series. It is pegged for characters 15-20, which are fairly astronomical levels on the surface. In AD&D, one of these magic-users could legitimately cast wish or unleash a 18d6 fireball. Every one of these characters should have a keep or a freehold or some place to rest a weary head. That said, I get the need for these types of adventures and I will give CM2 this: it tries to make it hard on characters, especially characters who are only playing in the D&D world.

There is a pretty rad blue dragon named Kordundar, who has a lot of undead working for him. Like 40 of them in one room. Assuming that the characters corner Kordundar enough to kill him, they can also crush the deathstone, grab themselves a 3000 gp opal, get a minor curse, and more importantly, use that opal to command 50 HD of undead. I know that none of the pre-rolled PCs would dare do such a thing, but frankly, I don’t really care what Fergus the Justifier would do.

The final battles to close the sphere of death could also be messy. There are a couple monsters that start with ‘D’: Drolem and druj. There is a beholder and two effreti. There are a bunch of manscorpions [terrible name] and a whole other army of undead, led by the aptly, and not particularly originally, named Ulslime. To be fair, Ulslime is a 20th-level cleric who is trying to bring an entire sphere of death into the prime material plane, so he gets high marks for ambition.

Use a blunt weapon, you fool.

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