Detect Boring

Back in Gorgnard times, druids were pretty much the punchline for all kinds of jokes. They couldn’t wear metal armor or use metal shields, they can’t turn undead, and they have silly level titles like “Aspirant” and “Ovate.” However, they do get two first-level spells to start, and by the time they are 4th-level, they can cast four first-level spells, two second-level spells, and two 3rd-level spells. Here are some of the spells that Zifty, Initiate of the 2nd Circle, might get:

  • Animal Friendship
  • Detect Snares and Pits
  • Predict Weather
  • Locate Animal (you have to locate them to be friends with them)
  • Heat Metal
  • Trip
  • Call Lightning
  • Tree

Out of that list, “Call Lightning” is the most impressive, but even then, Zifty still needs some kind of storm about to call that lightning from. I suspect that is why she also cast “Predict Weather” so she didn’t try to summon up the lightning on a sunny day. And don’t even get me started on “Tree.” I get why a certain kind of player might be interested in a spell that allows them to look like a tree and watch whatever is going on happen, but that isn’t me.

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