Perverse Osmosis Discography

Swarm, Kobold, Swarm!
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  1. Planet of the Vampires |lyrics| |
    |[audio: sks/01-planetofthevampires.mp3|titles=Planet of the Vampires]
  2. Super Skunk |lyrics| |
    |[audio: sks/02-superskunk.mp3|titles=Super Skunk]
  3. Kobold Swarm |lyrics| |
    |[audio: sks/03-koboldswarm.mp3|titles=Kobold Swarm]
  4. Make It Today ¦lyrics¦ ¦
    ¦[audio: sks/04-makeittoday.mp3|titles=Make It Today]
  5. Know Your Enemy ¦lyrics¦ ¦
    [audio: sks/05-knowyourenemy.mp3|titles=Know Your Enemy]
  6. Don’t Disturb the Crawler ¦lyrics¦
    [audio: sks/06-dontdisturbthecrawler.mp3|titles=Don’t Disturb the Crawler]
  7. Berserker ¦lyrics¦ ¦
    [audio: sks/07-berserker.mp3|titles=Berserker]
  8. The Breathing Dead ¦lyrics¦ ¦
    [audio: sks/08-thebreathingdead.mp3|titles=The Breathing Dead]
  9. Tiger in an Ascot ¦lyrics¦
    [audio: sks/09-tigerinanascot.mp3|titles=Tiger in an Ascot]
  10. Test Tube Circle Pit ¦lyrics¦
    [audio: sks/10-testtubecirclepit.mp3|titles=Test Tube Circle Pit]

Vale of the Basilisk

  1. Story of the Vale
  2. Pay Attention
  3. Kobold Swarm
  4. Only You Can Prevent Your Death
  5. Don’t Disturb the Crawler
  6. Skeleton Dinner Party
  7. Wand of Wonder
  8. Bugbear Chieftain
  9. Mistress Mindflayer
  10. Berserker
  11. In the Mouth of the Mouther
  12. You’ve Been Mimicked
  13. Ghoul-Ghast Go-Go Party
  14. Mongrelman Shantytown
  15. Manticore Madness
  16. Phase Spider
  17. Circle Pit Trap
  18. A Love Unseen
  19. Getting Familiar with Your Familiar
  20. Troll Wedding Ceremony
  21. Tunnel Full of Purple Worm
  22. It’s Not Easy Being a Minor Demon
  23. Lich Lord
  24. Tiger in an Ascot
  25. Gaze of the Eye Tyrant
  26. Ride Sustarre’s Chariot
  27. Draco Chlorinous Nauseous Respiratorus
  28. Party Beach Blood Bath
  29. Sometimes You Stone the Basilisk
  30. Stoned Giant
  31. Lair of the Basilisk
  32. The Princess and the Party
  33. Secret Door
  34. Yum-Tug the Lonely Ogre