Five Cubicles

More retrospecticus from Ghost Tower of Inverness:

1) It is a who’s who of obscure monsters. How obscure? When was the last time Gilred, Credle the Mighty, Ignorx, and Evlenity had to do battle with a leucrotta? Like it when lions and giant birds get it on? Well, that feeling disappears quickly when one is about to be eaten by the hieracosphinx that is waiting in The Air Level. There is also a Medusa, a fire giant, and the winner and still champion–the ixitxachitl. That’s right, the Chaotic Evil stingrays from beneath the sea make an appearance, complete with one operating¬† as a cleric.

2) Room 12 is entitled The Five Cubicles: I imagine this as the conversation behind the name.

“We want you to know that here in The Ghost Tower, you aren’t merely a randomly-generated number; you are valuable to us as monsters. Each bugbear, owlbear, carnivorous ape, or minotaur on this team matters. In front of you there are five cubicles, but we want you to turn them into five ubicles. We think that a monster works best when they are invested in their workplace. You there, in the back, with the red-rimmed eyes and giant beak. How are you going to make this crucible a ubicle?”

I said ubicles

I said ubicles

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