From Beyond

Earlier this month, I wrote about how little I played clerics. Thanks to this month, I am learning to like them a little bit more.

Thanks to watching From Beyond (1986), I re-read the description of “Animate Dead,” and it is more powerful than I thought. By the time Normot the Lacivious is capable of casting the spell, she can reanimate five skeletons or zombies that last until they are dispelled or killed. According to the description, Normot could perform this ritual spell every day, so in a week, she would have 35 zombies walking around with her. Granted, that might draw the wrong kind of attention, but that is why Normot needs to find herself a cute little graveyard or battlesite outside of town and start summoning.

These zombies or skeletons don’t need to travel with anyone either. Normot could leave her gold, gems, and other stuff she doesn’t need to carry around back in the crypt or run-down shack or wherever the 35 zombies are standing around doing the zombie shuffle. These slow-moving undead will be able to keep all the lacicious drawings and paintings that Normot has been collecting safe.

Better than expected.

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