G-G-G-Ghost Tower

Some initial observations from C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness:

1) It has some bad-ass drawings in it. The front page is an umber hulk holding a leather-skirted fighter/thief is one claw and crushing some helmed fighter’s shield in its other claw as a magic-user zaps Senior Umber with some spell that looks like a mixture of burning hands and super glue. There is also a great picture of a bugbear smashing a cleric’s face with a mace.

2) One of the wandering monsters in the Dungeon Level is a 10th-level illusionist. Now I am not sure what Bylndryx the Tricky is doing all by herself in the middle of an extra-dimensional ghost tower, but I’m sure it is legal.

3) This module appeared at a convention in Detroit in 1979. That’s right: Ghost Tower first slid into this world’s time continuum in 1979 Detroit. I can only imagine how much hair surrounded tables at this convention.

Umbrage hulk

Umbrage hulk

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