Get Boned

Skeletons are another Halloween standard. Walk around any prime material plane neighborhood in the October season and it is likely that an articulated set of bones will be in someone’s window, smiling their mirthless smile of the dead. But that is part of their fun: who are we to say that being reanimated is all rotting and boredom?

Unlike the witch, skeletons are codified through pretty much every edition of AD&D and probably in every setting, except maybe Dark Sun, but I never played that setting so I would be arguing from ignorance there. Skeletons are perfect 1st-3rd level monsters. They give clerics a chance to work on their turning skills, they give fighters a chance to realize that not every weapon works against every type of monster, and they give thieves a chance to learn that just because it is dead doesn’t mean it has gold pieces, silver pieces, or even copper pieces.

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