Get Your Darts Here

A&D magic-user isn’t a class for the faint: Filoneth the Dazzler gets one, maybe two spells to start with, and if we are really playing by the rules, he has to use a table to determine what those spells are [hello, magic mouth]. The Dazzler also gets somewhere between 20-80 g.p. to start with, and a fair chunk of that trove might go to spell components or a birdcage, depending on how eccentric Filoneth is. So what is a magic-user to do to defend themselves in times of duress?

Buy darts.

They are cheap [5 for a gold piece]; they are light; they are easy to throw a lot of [three a round]. Didn’t get lucky with magic missile, burning hands, or even shield? Pick up 20 of these bastards, stand well out of range, and fire away. Will Filoneth hit much? Probably not: magic-users aren’t know for their combat skills. Will it do much damage? It might, and I mean might, kill a weak goblin. Is it better than erase? Yes.

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