Getting Familiar with Your Familiar

More new high-speed carnage from Perverse Osmosis:

      Getting Familiar with Your Familiar

Magic users’ best friend
First level spell to get
Got a d20 in your hand
Gonna get more than a pet

Hope to roll a 15
Get something from the outer planes
But no matter what familiar you get
It should be more than a name

Getting familiar with  your familiar
It’s time to find out what your pseudo-dragon thinks
Getting familiar with  your familiar
Time to learn the ale that your brownie drinks

Does you hawk have a girlfriend?
What’s the name of your weasel’s kid?
Find out your quasit’s career goals,
Find out what  your imp just did.

Don’t take them for granted,
not even your slimy toad.
His wide angle vision
Sees the cave at the end of the road.

Getting familiar with your familiar (X4)