Ghouls Night Out

Recently here at Perverse Osmosis headquarters, we intercepted this undead itinerary, apparently send from The Horned Society:

Ghouls Night Out

Come one, come all to the 3rd annual Ghouls Night Out celebration.

This fantastical celebration of all things Ghoulish is designed to increase awareness of ghoul-related health issues, political empowerment, and consensus building. We in the ghoul community have, for too long, been splintered into various coalitions and factions. This splintering has allowed anti-ghoul forces, both human and humanoid, to determine what we should be determining: our collective fates.

Scheduled activities:

Dusk: Gathering of the Ghouls. Music provided by The Faceless One.

Moonrise: Pub crawl begins. 10 gp for cover charges at all bars and one drink in each establishment.

High Moon: Keynote speaker, Grandis Ossious reads from her recent article:”It’s Our Destiny to Eat Meat.” Panel discussion to follow.

Moonset: Women’s fashion show and grave dance. Music provided by Headless Hands.

Dawn: Return to the crypts with a renewed vigor for our unlife.

Evidence of the disunity of the ghoul community

Evidence of the disunity of the ghoul community

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