Girlfriend is a Witch

The standard witch, at least what adventures are running into in modules or seeing in Krull or Buggs Bunny cartoons , aren’t rolling too high on their comeliness scores. Sure, they might be able to cast disguise briefly but mostly they are going to have warts and snaggle-teeth and other things that are, you know, witch-like.

But this type of witch should not be the only witch that gets time in an adventure. There also should be the baba yagas or the serpent-witch that Conan fights at the start of Conan the Barbarian (1982). Now these are the kinds of witches that can easily seduce a party member at the tavern, find out a little insider information, lift a magical item or two, and leave Bronger the Mighty none the wiser. All Bronger will remember is that a lass wearing flowing robes started chatting him up at the bar.

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