Glasgow to Edinburgh

The iron horse dropped the party off at the azure palace of Hotel Indigo, which was quite handily located in the middle of the sprawling metropolis of Edinburgh. Stowing our traveling gear in the rooms, we packed our urban adventure gear and went out of the evening, once again hoping that we would uncover clues to Hogmanay.

The first scene was the cathedral, which, according to local lore, was carved out of the bones of a slain ancient red dragon who was bent on destroying the first inhabitants of the city. An incredibly well-placed arrow of dragon slaying took down the fell beast; magic-users and dwarven stonemasons worked the remnants into this temple to St. Cuthbert.

However, we also found evidence of a lawful evil society of some sort, as demonstrated by this sign. To be fair, if there were devilish influences in the area, the party never directly faced them, and the overwhelming majority of inhabitants were friendly and helpful, although most also feigned ignorance of how we were supposed to get to the ritual of Hogmanay.

Towering over the city is the castle of Edinburgh, home to the hereditary rulers of the area. As seen in this image, it is quite a impressive fortress. In fact, its size has worked as a preventive force with no large-scale attacks in more than a century. Of course, there are smaller raids by local humanoids and their giant allies, but these are mostly seen as nuisances by the locals.

These next images show the commanding view the castle has over the surrounding countryside.

Following a lead from a local member of the Thieves Guild, the party worked its way down this alley, where they were told that more information could be found, in exchange for a few gold pieces.

Alas, the tip proved a dead end. But we did find remnants of the last public execution in the town, which shows how the city has progressed from its earlier, barbaric roots [all present executions are held inside].

Based on other information obtained while wandering, the party ate a late supper at The Tower, located high on top of a local defense site. Meals ranged from full sea bass to sturdy bread to local vegetation, with plenty of drink to wash down the food and wash off the dust of our day.

On our way back to the inn, the party was attacked by a small group of goblins, issuing from the sewers, but the combined melee skills of the fighters and thieves, backed up by a magic missile from the chaos magician, drove the humanoids off.

Day 3

After waking up and breaking our fast with eggs, bread, and coffee, the party continued its adventure. Drogan, our killer-for-hire, found it particularly appealing that the city offered an area directly set up for pleasures of the flesh, However, it was too early in the day to participate in the festivities.

During its travels, the party came upon these two statues: both renowned figures in the local region.

It wasn’t until the party moved farther away from the castle, as seen in these images, that important information came to light. The color scheme of the buildings corresponded to a color spray spell that, when cast, drew the attention of several locals.

These locals, after being suitably bribed, told us to look for the cross in the temple for our answers. Thankfully, we are an intelligent party, and, instead of taking the advice literarily, found this plot of land. Written in the stone beneath the cross were the words, “If Perth you go, this to know: small it be, but with treasures for thee.”

After discovering this vital clue, and gathering needed supplies, the party raced back for the next iron horse and its trip to the village of Perth.

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