Hail to the King’s Festival

B11-King’s Festival is an introductory-level module. I mean, truly introductory, as in it gives the DM and players a round by round breakdown of how combat works. That said, it starts where every good adventure starts: with a townsperson asking the party to fight the orcs who burned his temple. As a proud member of neutral evil, that is exactly where I want to start. I don’t like orcs, and a burned temple strikes me as a good place to find loot.

Once into the dungeon proper, all the usual suspects make an appearance: a kobold, a ferret-training orc, some bugbears, a group of drunken orcs, one evil [or chaotic, to use the nomenclature of Basic D&D] cleric, carrion crawlers, skeletons, ghouls, zombies, and these guys:

In fact, this module is pretty much a Perverse Osmosis album.

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