Here they are: Iggwilv’s Horn!

One of the hottest new groups in Greyhawk is coming to Bissel. Yes, that’s right: Iggwilv’s Horn is playing the Sheldomar Valley auditorium for one night only. Fresh off their tour of the Shield Lands, these rocking rockers bring their brand of enchanting lyricism mixed with head-banging energy to Sheldomar this Waterday.

For those who don’t know, the Horn, as they are known by their legion of fans, got their start playing outside of bars in Krestible, where they perfected their high-energy performing style. In less than a year, they headlined “Giants Among Giants,” the outdoor music festival that spawed the careers of The Love-a-Gnolls and Xing Xang Xorn. Since then, these fine lads have rocked Keoland, the Yatils, Veluna, and Ket.

We provide this sample of their lyrical complexity:

The Horn of Iggwilv//pierces the heart–

Look over your shoulder//before you start.

how many sorrow?//foolish men,

because they didn’t//turn back then

It doesn’t get much better than this. Tickets are eight electrum pieces in advance, ten at the door.

All Hail the Horn

All Hail the Horn

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