Hidden shrines should stay hidden

More goofball material from the wacky world of The Hidden Shrine:

Room 29: Team PC has managed to avoid the gas spore the room before; a lucky roll allowed Mystrx to notice that the gas spore actually had twelve tentacles, not ten like a beholder.  Trilor fired an arrow into it from long range, rolling a 19 and exploding the spore. How does the party get rewarded? By having to play a match of pelota, the favorite game of the temple builders, against an animated ball. To up the ante: if the ball scores first, six crossbow bolts fly out of the wall and into the party. If the party figures out the game that hasn’t been played in a thousand years, and scores a goal, they get some crummy pearls worth about 10 gold pieces each and a bird whistle that gives the owner the power of flight thrice a day. All great except it is nearly impossible to fly underground.

Room 33: The old three chest conundrum: An exploration in choice theory. Subjects are shown three chests. Subjects make decision on which chest to open first. Subjects get a) coin necklaces and assorted trinkets; b) stabbed in the hands by multiple small needles that cause delirium in the subject; c) sprayed with a perfumed oil and then shot by multiple darts.

Room 35: “I really just wanted to settle down. I mean, despite of what you hear, it is not all fun and games being an ogre magi. Sure I’m young, but I am also a bit of a homebody. I happened to sell at the right time, so don’t have to work as much anymore. My real estate agent got me this great place in an abandoned shrine down in the Amedio Jungle. I’ll have lots of time to read and play the bellows. From what it sounds like, I won’t have many visitors.”

This quote explains why the ogre magi is so angry when the party shows up.

Room 38: After slaying the ogre magi and the 12-foot high semi-sentient polyp, the party’s feeling pretty good: No real damage, a cool rod of electrification, a couple classy-looking rings, everything is going all right. Even that stupid poison gas seems to be dissipating. But wait–there is a giant hole in the floor that can only be gotten over by making two dexterity checks. If someone falls in, they get eaten by the giant plant living in the pit. The party may have defeated the ogre magi, but they all won’t defeat chance.

Tomorrow: The Second and Third Tier

This is more fun than the module

This is more fun than the module

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