Hillhaven College

Hillhaven College is a historically giant-serving private institution that was founded in 537 CY. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 638, its setting is rural, and the campus size is 500 acres. It utilizes a year-long academic calendar. Hillhaven’s ranking in the 606 CY edition of Best Colleges is 18th. Hillhaven College tuition and fees are 850 g.p. a year.

Hillhaven College, founded by hill giants fleeing persecution from nearby Verbobonc, is located in the Kron Hills. The College is best-known for its commitment to institutional tolerance and inclusivity. The Hillhaven College Exiles are members of the Giant League and have a long-running but friendly rivalry with Ogre University. Hillhaven only offers one major: Giant Ecology. Hillhaven’s official motto, “All Hills Have Two Sides.” is also reflective of the College’s interest in dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution.

At a Glance:

Number of Majors: 1

Student/faculty ratio:1/13

Standardized test required for entry: Two successful CLEP exams

Average incoming first-year student GPA: 3.12

Male/Female ratio: 49/51

Student body self-identifies as 68% hill giant, 12% ogre, 9% half-ogre, 4% hobgoblin, 3% orc, 2% minotaur, 2% other

Faculty holding terminal degrees: 81%

President: Gilgormus Trel, JD

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