Horror Pictures

Sorry about the break in posting the last couple days. Actual prime material plane duties keep getting in the way. But, I was lucky enough to co-ghost a two-hour block of Halloween music for our University’s 68-hour rock and roll marathon. I know that many, many people coveted the 6-8 am shift, but I will take what I can get.

In addition to Goblin, a triple shot [sort of] of Zeke, some Municipal Waste, “Friday the 13th” by Evil Army [7″ version] and an obscure Zodiac Killers song, I played a series of 50s and 60s Halloween hits. I am not one of those people who thinks how much better it would to live in the past–frankly I am happy to be living now when it is okayish to be weird nerd–but those kids did not know how lucky they had it with the ubiquity of Halloween songs.

For example, this one:

Songs about the amount of horror movies one could see on TV. Now that is a true fantasy world.

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