In the Land of Llerg

Thanks to our friends over at Canonfire, I learned that there is actually a land of Llerg. Well, maybe not a land, but at least an area on the easternmost point of the Thillonrian peninsula that is not quite under the control of the Snow, Ice, or Frost Barbarians. Frankly, when none of those people want to claim it, it is probably a pretty rough place. 

But not too rough for Llerg or Llerg’s minions.

Happen to be a bear? Well, make sure to pack the bags and head to the coast of Thillonria. Why? Well, you and all your bear friends gain an extra hit dice just for living there. That is how powerful Llerg’s mojo is. Just an adventurer who likes killing ice or snow trolls? Come on over: the land of Llerg has plenty for you to whet your blade on. Best or worst, depending on if one’s species, there are apparently eight Guardians of Llerg who roam around the wilderness. Previous to being turned into bears, these Guardians were between 8th to 12th level clerics of Llerg, all of whom retain their spellcasting powers, in addition to being able to claw, rend, and do whatever else bears do.

Hail Llerg.

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