Investigations into clay golems

As part of our commitment to diverse academic views and institutions, we present part of some recent scholarship from Keoland University concerning mental abnormalities in clay golems.

Mental abnormalities in golems do not appear to be a localized phenomenon; the research team uncovered cases in Furyondy, The Wild Coast, in the Hold of the Sea Princes, and the Bright Desert. Nor does golem insanity only strike older golems; there were two independently documented cases of newly formed golems berserking their creators, both times with considerable loss of life and property.

Of course, the most famous case of an unstable clay golem is the one found in section 3 of Tsojcanth Caverns. More than 20 encounters with this creature have been recorded; while many of these encounters differ in small details [see appendix A], an overwhelming majority are consistent in important factors. The golem used its natural coloration to hide; the golem attacked immediately with the appearance of light; the golem used its inherent haste ability as soon as possible. All three of these factors lead the research team to speculate that, although unstable by any legitimate metric, this golem, and, by extension, others like it, are possessed with something close to reasoning. This capability of reasoning leads to interesting questions about the magic used in creating these servants, the risks inherent their creation, and, most importantly from the research team’s view, what other cognitive skills these golems may possess.

1% chance of going insane

1% chance of going insane

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