It is never too soon

To paraphrase season 4 of Community [which is not so good], there was a time before too soon. And I am living in that time.

Nancy Reagan died over the weekend to which I say, “Good riddance, you drug war starting scag. You didn’t give a shit about people with AIDS, you brought a frigging astrologer into the White House, you were against all kinds of science until you found out about stem-cell research when your equally moronic husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,  you wore terrible clothes, you were indirectly responsible for ruining who knows how many families of color under the guise of family values.  Hopefully when you were on Different Strokes, Dana Plato and Todd Bridges were whacked out on a combination of speed, cocaine, meth, cain toad, and paint thinner, and dosed the jelly beans you took back to Ronnie with low-grade acid.”

Seriously, rot in Hades. You deserve it.

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