Josh McDougal

Joe D’Amato’s Absurd (1981) is well titled since this movie takes place in a universe where the Rams beat the Steelers in “the big game,” as it is repeatedly called. Adding to the confusion, there is a lot of footage of a Rams/Steelers Super Bowl [I have no idea if it was paid for], where actual players are named [Terry Bradshaw makes an appearance], alongside fictional players wearing the numbers of real players. For example, this Mortensen at running back fellow. He wears 26; you know who else wore 26 these years? Wendell Tyler. If you are going to use the name of a Hall of Fame quarterback in your movie, why not also use Tyler’s? Did his agent call and complain?

Also, The Rams have advanced thanks “mainly through the throwing arm of their rookie sensation, Josh McDougal.” His career must have ended after this big game victory since he doesn’t exist. And the Rams are leading 15 [or 50, it is difficult to tell] to 3 in the fourth quarter. Only in this universe did the Rams lead, and, as the viewer, we are likely to infer, win the “big game.”

They aren’t kidding.

What? You don’t remember the career of Josh McDougal?

This newspaper clipping certainly clears up the confusion.

To be fair, I haven’t seen this use of saw in quite some time.

Italy’s Magnum P.I.

A J&B-free big game party.

Sure, they left out all this liquor for the babysitter, but none of it is J&B.

Pick-axed for it.

“Hit him in the cerebral mass”

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