Journey to the Rock

When going back through these pages, I remembered that I never finished working through the B series of AD&D modules. So on to B8: Journey to the Rock, probably the most Y&T album-sounding title of any module in the B series.

As usual, some highlights:

  • Encounter W2: Lair of the Harpies. In the harpy nest, there are three harpy chicks. The module text reads, “These little harpies cannot harm anyone. However, they all have the evil inclinations of an adult harpy.” I know that some would argue otherwise, but I could not, in good conscience, allow these little harpies to grow up to be big ones.
  • The Cavern of the Chameleon Men: I guess if there are going to be shambling mounds, there can be chameleon men. Representative chameleon names: Kanreon and Thronik. Likelihood that K and T has used their chameleon powers in an effort to spy on chameleon men women: 1-7 on a d8.
  • A shipful of gnomes pulling said ship across the desert.
  • One of the final encounters is with the Crone of Chaos, who, hopefully, used to live in the Caves of Chaos before relocating to the drier, warmer clime of the high desert. Even crones need to think of how damp cave air might complicate joint pain.

I can see why I didn’t play B8 too much, if ever, during my formative AD&D years. It is a bit of a snoozer. Except for this:

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