Kill ’em most

I never liked adventuring with characters with high charisma; all they want to do is talk. Sure, these charismatic types might save a thief from the gallows or the city watch; they might convince the Elders of the Kron Hills to throw in an extra platinum piece or twenty; they might distract the slavers long enough to escape the slave pits and lead the rebellion. But when push comes to stab, where are they? Probably trying to convince some gnome to join the crusade into the Cold Marshes or bickering with Gilread the Merchant while it would be equally as easy to cast darkness, silence 15′ radius, and then give him the old dirk to the ribs. Gilread knew the risks when he got into the job.

Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All influenced Perverse Osmosis in a couple ways. First, look at the cover art; if that is not the result of a hammer + 2, I shave my Dwarven beard. Second, I owned this gem on tape and listened to it while riding my bicycle around small-town Nevada waiting for the library to open until my Walkman of tape eating claimed another victim. Then I repaired the broken tape [worked a little magic with scotch tape and a pencil] together and listened some more. In the process of fixing the tape, it became mangled and warped. “Metal Militia” never sounded better, and 20 years later, there was PO.

Hammer + 2 strikes out you

I know Metallica became a travesty of a mockery of a joke of a farce, but the first four albums matter. Five if we count Garage Days, and I guess I should. So five albums that matter.

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