Last Tomb

I5: The Tomb of Martek is far more cosmic than I remembered. There are several opportunites to voyage off to other planes of existence such as the Black Abyss [their title, not mine], where time, space, and magic are all distorted. I never made it this far in the adventure, but this segment how some tricks up its pages. There is a 1d12 chance to fight 1-3 umber hulk; much like xorns, the umber hulk doesn’t show up frequently enough, what with their kooky eyes and and chaotic evilness. Also, and here is when a party knows it is up against a full manual full of monsters, a neo-otyung is lurking out there on the roll of a six.

And K8 has a pretty rough, or lucky, depending on the party, phrase: “Anyone falling into this storm before the minaret is removed or more than one turn after it is removed will be cast into the 666 planes of the Abyss.” PS: this is not the last part of the module; there are still three other obstacles the party must face until the Citadel of Martek [their name, not mine].

Not that scary. Mr. Cryptknight.

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