Like Hammer Films, We Live

Sorry for the break, Perverse Osmosis fans. I have seen an upswing in my prime material plane duties. But here we are, back for another year of pointless postings.

Up first, Witchfinder General (1968), a Tigon production, starring the always mellifluous Vincent Price and some legitimate thugs. However, what I would like to focus on more is the ugliness of the person in this painting:

Lovecraftian fish-person would be my guess.

No wonder this guy is dead; he had paint for blood.

I love this collar. It screams authority:

A couple of the aforementioned thugs:

My goal is to someday own this kind of cape. I suspect post-retirement.

Witchfinder General is also the name of NWOBHM band and had 12-year old me would have known of this cover, he would have immediately bought this record.

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