Lil’ Red Riding

We can’t go much farther in werewolf posts without acknowledging, for me, the single best werewolf song of them all: “Little Red Riding Hood” by the majestic Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. As a mere youngling, this song scared the scat out of me; I can remember hearing it on the car radio around Halloween and thinking “Woah, who is singing this kind of song and how is it on the radio?” [Keep in mind that it was the late 70s and I didn’t have the accumulated knowledge I have now.] I was later amazed to find out that Sam the Sham also gave us “Wooly Bully,” which was confusing for me since it is/was a nickname of a type of sheep that people in my hamlet use. I didn’t know why people 30 years older than me were calling sheep the name of a song until I realized that they grew up right when the song was popular and I was the one out of chronological sequence.

Anywhoo, werewolves waiting around to eat children as these same children bring their housebound grandparents bread and milk is some dastardly stuff. I guess that is why they are chaotic evil.

I’m going to maul you.

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