Listen to the Bugbears

This just in from the Wild Coast:

At least two new tribes of hobgoblins are reported to have moved into the area around Elredd in the Wild Coast. We sent one of our ace reporters to the scene, and she managed to get a interview with the chieftain of the Axe Reavers. Here is an excerpt:

“We just wanted to move to a place where we would be treated like the bugbears we are, not the bugbears people think we are. I have lived 27 cycles, and I have yet to murder an elf maiden in her sleep or sacrifice a halfling kid to Grankhul. Sure, I have engaged in some looting, and it is pretty much built into our nature that we will stealthily ambush the occasional traveler, but in this economy, you take what you can get. Besides, we are just acting as Hruggek made us. No one cares if a dwarf drinks too much ale or a kobold has twenty younglings in its litter, but if a few bugbears steal a few horses, all of sudden we are all bad?”

Perverse Osmosis will continue to follow this story.

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