Meet the Decapus

I have already written about the illustration that goes with this encounter: I think a wide variety of zero-level cis-gendered human males had an experience of some sort while viewing it. But it is also the best encounter in an otherwise nondescript adventure [of course, with the exception of the cover color controversy].

A beautiful young woman hangs from the ceiling. Nine ugly men can be seen poking their swords lightly into her flesh, all the while taunting her in an unknown language and pulling at what few clothes she has on. Part of her ankle length hair has been wrapped around her legs, securely binding them together, while the rest of her hair has been used to tie her hands to a ceiling beam. A long U shaped table dominates most of the floor space. A huge fireplace is on the north wall.

The next line helpfully states “There is no woman being tortured by nine men.” Sorry Relok the Mighty and Phondoras, but you are about to get decapussed.

Another archival map.

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