More News from Irongate

The latest update from the besieged city of Irongate:

The long, quite war between The Scarlet Brotherhood and Irongate took an unexpected turn this week with an apparent change in Scarlet Brotherhood military command. Informed sources within the Brotherhood camp relate that Master of the North Wind Creswiell has been called back to Kro Kerlep; these same sources also tell us that The Oldest One [The Scarlet Brotherhood’s military and political leader] is not pleased with the length of Irongate’s siege and the concomitant rise in price of peridot. A replacement is rumored to be en route, aided by create wind spells.

Irongate made no official comment, although a gnome close to the administration told us, “I hate to see my candy monopoly break, but even I am sick of this siege.”

Candy for all my gnome friends

Candy for all my gnome friends

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