More sneaky adventurers

As I mentioned in an earlier post, adventurers are largely sneaky jerks. In two different pieces of A1 module art, characters are lying in wait for some unsuspecting hobgoblin or orc who is merely doing his or her job patrolling the fetid back streets of Hightower. We observe more of this underhanded behavior on the cover of A2: Secret of the Slavers Stockade.

We see three characters–a  chain-mailed elf or half-elf, a female of indeterminate race, and a mailed human fighter–about to jump a boggle and what looks like a hobgoblin who is taking the boggle on a walk. That little boggle was cooped up all day in his cage, simply waiting for his master to get home from a hard day of slaving to take him for a walk and maybe get some boggle treats at the local fish mart. Off he and his master go, thinking they are going to have a nice walk when, bam, Grizrof the Hobgoblin gets his dorsal region stabbed and, instead of getting a treat, the boggle eats two feet of steel.

There is a reason that many patrols attack parties on sight: behavior like this. These three are ruining it for the rest of us.

Ogle my boggle

Ogle my boggle

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