Mound of the Lizard Men

Pretty much every elf, dwarf, half-orc, halfling, human, half-elf, and gnome headed into the Keep on the Borderland at one time or another. My favorite encounter, which killed me more than once, was the mound of the lizard men. Not only are they exceptionally evil, they also only murder at night. Personally, I don’t think I would have been walking around the fens of the Pomarj at night, unless I was hoping to run into some lizard men. They do end up having ingots and a healing potion.

The streams and pools of the fens are the home of a tribe of exceptionally evil lizard men. Being nocturnal, this group is unknown to the residents of the KEEP, and they will not bother
individuals moving about in daylight unless they set foot on the mound, under which the muddy burrows
and dens of the tribe are found.

This encounter is also where I learned the word “fens” as a fourth grader.

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